Exodus 15: Marah

As the children of Israel began their wilderness journey they were led by God, not Satan, to (and through) many difficulties. These difficulties did not come years after their departure from Egypt but almost immediately. Usually God does that to show us that the Church is not any better than its Head. If Christ suffered we will suffer as well.

After searching to no avail for something to satisfy them on the inside, they came (again, led by God, see Exodus 13:21) to Marah. Marah was a place of bitterness that reminds of sin. Just as there was no drop of water free from bitterness, there is no natural born man that is free from Adam’s sin. While Israel complained about the situation there was one man who did what the others did not do... Moses prayed.
In response to the prayer of Moses, God showed him a tree. The plan for this tree was to be beaten, cut down, laid flat, then lifted up and cast into the waters that it had been planted for all along. Before Israel ever came to these bitter waters, God already had a plan in place. He already had a remedy to change the very nature of the water from bitter to sweet.

Do you see the see the type? Can you say, “Yes! I see it! By faith I trust the Savior who died on the tree of Calvary and he changed my nature from a child of wrath to a son of God!” That is what the cross does. It appears foolish to those who are spiritually blind, but to us it (the preaching of the cross) is the power of God. Praise God for the plan of salvation, praise the Lord Jesus Christ for dying on the tree, and praise the Holy Spirit for changing our nature from bitter to sweet, for making us new creatures in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17).