graceland portable buildings

A few miles from where I stand
Rest a little wooden shed.
Oh how I long to dwell in my hidden nook,
For therein rest a desk, and thereon rest The Book.

There I meditate on its content as I read,
Focusing on the value and not the speed.
My fondest memories are not on the amount of chapters I have read,
But on that one truth or verse that finally shines clear in my head.

Then a time of reflection on what I have uncovered,
Sometimes old things remembered, sometimes new things discovered.

I will then take advantage of the minds of other men,
Gleaning from their words and thoughts.
Geniuses from the past like Arthur Pink, or
Geniuses from the present like James Knox.

The sounds of nature and the wind's breeze
Set my fast paced wandering mind at ease.
For when the devices are silent and the world is at rest,
I have found that is when man hears from God best.

So Lord to Thee I humbly beseech,
With the most sincere heartfelt speech,
Grant that into that little wooden shed I may turn in thither,
And by entering in I may draw unto Thee nearer.