The Rejected Christian
A little something I wrote on Romans 8:28 and the separation of earthly relationships.

The Rejected Pastor
This is a little something I wrote for a pastor friend that was voted out of his church.

Being with Christ or working for Christ... which is better?
Thoughts on Philippians 1:23 where Paul says that being with Christ is far better. Far better than what?

Who Chose Who?
A little document reflecting on my mother's murder, my next family, and God's choosing.

God Give Us Men
An article about men that desire the office of elder in 1 Timothy 3.

Sowing and Reaping
This is a poem I wrote after reading a paragraph from a commentary commenting on Elijah and Elisha. Some are called to plant seeds, and some will get to water, but God alone gives the increase. Neither should be jealous of the other, nor look down on the other.

Children in Heaven
In 2015, during the span of about a month, two of my best friends lost their children. One was a miscarriage, and the other was an otherwise normal full-term birth. I was heartbroken for them and wrote this in hopes of encouraging them.

The Secret Place
There is a place in my hometown that only a few people know where I can come away from the busyness of the day. It is like stepping back a few hundred years and a place I can sit, sing, pray, and read.

Graceland Portable Buildings (my other, more known, secret place)
Believe it or not, I wrote a poem about the little shed in my backyard… because that is where so many nights I met Him in His word.

I wrote this poem around the time I became a part of our church staff. I had been praying for a few years that God would open a door of service somewhere. And, He opened the door at my home church.

The Farmer
I wrote this poem after a time of discouragement due to the fact of seeing no results from my spiritual labors.

A poem I wrote about the five solas.

Knowledge of Salvation
If I understand the gospel more today than I did yesterday, does that mean I’m not really saved?

A Tight Grip
A page or so discussing how a tight grip means something is held by your care. How does God hold us?

Martyred Christians
I wrote this poem after the news of 21 Christians being decapitated.

Memory of Mother
This is a poem that I originally wrote to put in our local newspaper on the anniversary of my mother's murder.

Often I Wonder
A poem I wrote from the viewpoint of someone who is focused on the sins of others who then becomes aware of the sins of himself. I can't write music but I have a tune in my head that I sing this poem to.

God and Sports
I wrote this one night after watching Tim Tebow win a football game in a heroic comeback.

God's Care for Nature
A poem I wrote after studying the thought of how much God really does care for His children.

Love's Fountain
A short poem that I tried to put a lot of thought into on how to express God's ever-increasing love.

Suicide Poem
I wrote this one night at work after a high school friend passed away.

Cambridge Clarion Bible
This is a poem I wrote when I was awaiting the arrival of my first "premium" Bible.

Psalm 8
This is a poem I wrote for school. I have always been fascinated with space, stars, and gazing into the night sky. It humbles you. And, it humbled the Psalmist too.

Life after Death
This is something I wrote a long time ago. I think it was for school.

Christ the Teacher
Something else I wrote for school.

Street Preaching
When I was a young Christian, there was a group of us that would go out on Saturdays to pass out tracts and hold signs. I wrote this during those days.

Life of Joseph
A few short thoughts about the life of Joseph.

Jehovah's Witnesses
A short few thoughts about the group.

It is Finished!
A short devotional on the finished work of Christ.

Thoughts about people who think they are holy enough to go to heaven.

The Cross
A short devotional on the cross of Jesus Christ.

The Love of God
A short devotional on the love of God.

Fate of Eternity
A short writing that speaks of an idea I got from a James Knox song called "Hanging on a Tree."