As the children gathered together,
In the streets we all did safely play.
All the fears that other children left behind
Were fears that thankfully I never had to face.

One child was thankful for this place called heaven,
Because his life was much the opposite below.
He thanked the angels for sharing their manna,
And said, “When I asked dad for food he always screamed, “No!”

A pretty little girl played with the saints,
And as she swung in their arms she giggled so loud.
She said, “I’m thankful the saints here truly bear that name.
The ‘saints’ below harmed me and demanded I never open my mouth.”

A young lady (with a strong and healthy body) spoke up.
“My journey here was greatly anticipated as the pain grew worse.
I never knew my little sickness called ‘cancer’
Would cause my body to become so tired and so worn.”

Then the sweetest little boy arrived and I saw him staring at his body.
I asked him if there was something he’d like for me to do.
“Thank you for the offer but I am just startled and amazed.
This is the first time my skin hasn’t been black and blue.”

Everyone loves one another and we all get along so well,
Yet there’s a cute little girl that arrived exactly one month before me.
They tell me when her trumpet sounded everyone said, “Welcome, Charleston!”
But we are such close friends I made a nickname for her… Charlie.

When I arrived she was playing on the golden street.
The angels took me to her and she said, “Let’s go play!”
So by the river of life and the green pastures we ran
And enjoy the pleasures of never-ending days.

Charlie asked me once about life prior to my arrival.
She said, “I’ve noticed you have no sad memories
Like many of the other children do.”
“I have wondered the same because neither do you.”

I said, “These other children speak of things I’ve never known.
Starvation, cancer, sickness, and abuse.
What they are or how they feel I have not the slightest clue.
I have no bad memories of my life there and I know neither do you.

“Charlie, I can honestly say that nothing bad I left behind.
There’s not a single bad memory that comes to my mind.
While all these other children share amazing testimonies to one another,
The last memory I have of my time below is my sweet mother.”

“She saw my face after I left but my voice she never heard.
And, though I never saw her face, her voice I heard every word.
Oh the sweet memories of mommy’s laughs and daddy’s prayers,
Chelsea’s jokes, Hanna’s barks, and friends’ wishes and cares.”

“And although we know our family loves us and would do their best for us,
That still wouldn’t protect us from a life on earth followed by an earthly tomb.
Some children go through so much sickness or hurt in that world below.
We got to go to heaven from the womb!”

Charlie then spoke, “Oh the memories of family and the realities of heaven…
I can’t wait for the day when they unite and become one!”
And as she spoke those words a trumpet sounded and angels began to shout,
“Heaven, Heaven… all please welcome Elijah, Cassie, and Jonathan!”

It seemed she couldn’t run to the gate fast enough,
So an angel carried her and quickly flew her there.
And with joy in my heart for my best friend in heaven
I praised the Lamb who did all our grief bear.

Upon the entrance of another family
The trumpets sounded and the Lord smiled and said, “Enter.”
This time the angels turned in my direction saying,
“Young child, you must come to meet her!”
As she ran closer I shouted, “I love you Mother!”
As she picked me up she then cried “I love you Victor!”

We all rejoiced that earth’s sorrows had been healed
and that broken relationships had been restored.
We were embraced with our Lord’s nail-pierced hands
And He gave to my family their rewards.

With heaven so full and our excitement full as well,
We failed to noticed a family watching nearby with all smiles.
I said, “Father, do you know that man over there with the wife and kids?”
“Who Victor?”
“Over there. The two sweethearts, a young daughter, and a younger set of twins.”
“Yes, Victor. That’s the Walker’s. They are our friends.”

Then the man took his wife by the hand and led his children to God’s gracious throne.
I heard him say, “Father, I thank you for safely bringing us home.
And though our friendships on earth were separated by many miles,
We thank you for the friendships that strengthened us through so many trials.
Lord, for these families that by your gracious providence you allowed us to meet,
We thank you that we will enjoy their friendship for all eternity.”