The will of God
waited upon patiently
is better than the will of man
sought after hurriedly

for what i want
is so often amiss
but what he wants in me
is only to glorify him

so long i wondered
if God would ever answer my prayer
while others seemed to prosper
while i waited in despair

those about my age
seemed to be serving with their all
while i waited near the table
begging for even a crumb to fall

day after day
month after month
year after year
i waited for a crumb from the table
to fall to me near

i guess he noticed
that i was never going away
even if i sat on the floor and not a chair
id be at his table every single day

he looked down with compassion
at the starving, hungry child
“son i know you've waited patiently…
soon it will be worthwhile”

i cannot explain
why my hope seemed to change
it was as if, a little more each day
the crumbs were falling a little closer my way

others told me not to give up
keep coming to the table every day
they knew too that it wouldn't be long
until kind words i would soon hear him say

then it all happened so quickly
a chair at his table came open
and the years of prayers were answered
the fulfillment of what i had been hoping

he asked if i was hungry
to which i said ‘yes Lord but a crumb will be fine’
so he sat a plate before me
that was overflowing with nourishment of all kinds

“Lord there is no way i deserve such a spread
I cant eat these foods, it is too nice to be mine
Lord i am so unworthy
I promise, just a crumb will be fine”

“Well son these are your crumbs
but what you could never see
was that i was storing up your crumbs
on a plate right near me”

“you sat on the floor
all the while hoping for a crumb to fall
but rather than giving you a crumb here and there
i stored it up so i could give you a plate covered all”

“so it is true Lord that you did here me
every time i called for a piece of your food
but rather than give me fragments that remained
you stored up the best, and worked it together for my good.”