Once again I walked towards the field.
I picked up my tools and grabbed some seeds.
I wondered which ones would one day grow…
And the ones that didn’t, would it be due to me?

I looked at the blue sky and the bright shining sun.
I saw in the forecast a thirst quenching rain.
I saw the soil and it looked rich as always.
I looked at the seed and thought the same.

Day after day and week after week
I sometimes wondered if the effort was all in vain.
Plow, and sow, and water, and wait…
Wondering if there'd ever be a harvest to obtain.

After a long, long while, I noticed an area that began to sprout.
Oh, the joy that flooded me, joy overflowing!
I tried to keep an eye on the areas I knew I had sown,
But started devoting the majority of my time to the seeds that were growing.

As I came back inside I passed an experienced farmer.
I asked him about the number of seeds he had broadcast
Compared with the seeds that showed some form of life.
He smiled and said, “Let me guess, you’re a new farmer, right?”

I smiled back and said, “Well, yes sir. I just started not long ago.
And to be honest, I really have no clue how to make a seed grow.”
“Well, son, did you plow, and sow, and water, and wait?”
“Yes sir. I try to do that almost everyday.”

Then he grinned and said, “You really want to know my secret to farming?”
“I sure do sir! That’s where I hoped this conversation was going!”
I grabbed my pen and pad, sharply focused, and looked into his face.
“I plow. I sow. I water. I wait.”

“I know that sir. I‘ve done the same things too.”
“No you haven’t son. You’ve only been at it a year or two.
You can’t grow a farm and in a year’s time have it made.
It takes more than a year or two. Sometimes it takes decades.”

“Keep sowing the seed and I promise it'll eventually grow.
Just remember the soil, sun, and rain are out of your control.”
“Thank you, sir. I appreciate you reminding me of the tried and true way.
When I grab my seed and tools tomorrow, I’ll plow, I’ll sow, I’ll water, and I’ll wait.”