God’s Care for Nature

Far away in the wilderness
Where a man's eyes will never see
Underneath the ground God created
Is buried a tiny seed

Only the Creator will see his creation
A tiny seed become a beautiful flower
Only the Creator can provide for the seed
The sending of sunlight and showers

The same is true for the animal creatures
Which will never render to man any good
Unknown to every man in the world
The Creator provides all of them with food

And to think what is required
So that the creation receives what it needs
Animals eat, plants grow, rains fall, clouds move, winds blow
God controls all of creation to water one little seed

And here we act as if our Lord is not risen
Fretting and worrying as if God is not in control
Claiming to have a relationship with the Father
Yet living like orphans on his earth below

If God will control the world and the weather
So an animal can eat and rains will water a seed
Then with child like faith I stand assured
He will guide and provide for those in his family