In memory of my mother, Judy Walker
March 25, 1944 - March 22, 1994

Mother and I in a swing

Dear Jesus,

Today I am reminded of something long ago,
I turned off my game and ran out the door.
What I saw has never left my mind,
My mother lying dead on the floor.

That very night I got a new home.
I went to live with my baby-sitter.
Then they started taking me to church,
At Gethsemane Baptist Temple.

Years I sat under Preacher Sam,
Sermon after sermon he gave.
Then something amazing happened,
By Your grace I was saved.

It was less than a year later
That You did something beyond belief.
You took a shy, quiet, young boy
And You called me to preach.

So fourteen years after my mother’s death
I thank You for using an event so horrible.
You saved me, You’ve guided me,
And You’ve made me a preacher of Your gospel.