We live in a day when personalities persuade,
And Christians try to build on sand instead of stone.
I’m trying to herald to the next generation,
“The only sure foundation is SCRIPTURE ALONE!”

Multitudes gush over their preacher and their church,
Yet are ignorant of how the cross for sin did atone.
The plans of salvation are as numerous as denominations,
But I hope to make it clear “Stand in CHRIST ALONE!”

Works, merit, giving, prayers, and membership
Are all masqueraded as payments to God they do loan.
I hope the minority will tell the majority,
“Salvation is freely and completely by GRACE ALONE!”

They cry out ‘this and that’ will grant you God’s grace,
As if corruptible works could allow you by God to be made known.
Paul only echoed to Rome what the children of Abraham have always held,
“Justification is by faith, and it is by FAITH ALONE!”

Solomon warned that history would be repeated,
And we see around us little men building their fragile kingdoms and feeble thrones.
Oh for one man with the backbone to scream,
“Ichabod on the works of man and GLORY TO GOD ALONE!”

Scripture alone, Christ alone, Grace alone, Faith alone,
God orchestrated it that way so He could receive the Glory alone.
I only hope to have an influence on a young hero who will one day say,
“Behold, here I stand… Even if I have to stand alone!”