“Look at how many came in
Through my great and mighty ministry!”
“Well, remember all praise goes to the Lord.
And remember, someone else planted those seeds.”

In our day almost all churches demand
That a minister’s main goal is to be successful.
But, remember what our God only demands
Is that His ministers be found faithful.

Many want to brag about their harvest
While few want to be in obscurity willing to toil.
Many want to be the ones that reap
While few are willing to systematically break up the soil.

The planter must not envy who reaps,
And the harvester must not despise who plants seeds.
But, both must remember that they are nothing
Because God alone is the one that gives the increase.

So focus on the field and the work
And not on how great will be your reward.
For we’ll all be surprised when we see
That the majority of the reward will go
To the laborers who came before you and me.