As soon as I heard the news
I jumped from my bed to my feet
Quickly throwing on some clothes
"Rachael, there's someone I need to meet"

I drove immediately to a home I've never entered into
Knowing that in that home is where I needed to be
Embracing him in the driveway
"I just found out, I'm so sorry"

I entered inside where he always called home
Pondering what I should or shouldn't say
I held her close as she came from the back
"It hurts so bad, will this pain ever go away"

I had verses and scriptures flowing through my mind
That at some point I'd like to share
But at this moment the best thing I can give
Is a genuine concern and a listening ear

She talked about the one to whom she had given birth
Asking if the day he was taken would ever leave her mind
I then spoke up with something I'm well acquainted
"Let me quickly tell you what happened years ago in my life"

"The situations are different but the results are the same
Someone we love is gone and they can never be replaced
So instead of focusing on the last day they lived
Let's remember all the good days that came before this"

"I know it doesn't seem like it now
But there's something good you can take away
One day you'll be able to help others
And you'll know exactly what to say"

"Years from now a parent will experience this same grief
And parent after parent will say the same well meaning thing
But then you'll have the privilege of looking them in the eye
And truthfully saying I know how you feel, here's what happened to me"

"And I suppose then it will sink in
That you are fulfilling your son's honor
By using a heartbreaking situation
And letting God use you to help others"

Because sometimes God uses bad things
To bring people closer to Himself
And what a privilege it is to be used by Him
To tell a hurting world that His love and grace is real