Lord this morning I come again,
Sitting here in our secret place.
Hoping again thy glory to see,
And catch a glimpse of thy face.

And peradventure I find thee not,
I'll blame not thee but my sin.
For thou always are watching me,
Yet sometimes hidden due to my condition.

But on this hope my faith firmly stands…
Oh what confidence in this blessed truth…
How can I come before thee boldly yet humbly?
Because thou hast all my sins removed!

I still cannot fully understand
How thy death has brought me life.
Or how the third day rising again
Thou all my sins did mortify. 

But though I understand it fully not,
I will believe it with all my heart.
That thy saving power is so sure,
Thou will from me never depart.

And how my weak heart can so strongly believe,
Is just an assurance every moment to me,
That the change in my life… I know this be true:
The effectiveness of the gospel rest not on me, but you.

So Lord, I thank thee for the time
That in this secret place only we know.
Thou did again most assuredly reveal to me thy glory
And set my heart again on what thou hast constantly me shown:

The very origins of my redemption…
The only hope of my answered petitions…
The perfect assurance of my salvation…
The complete destruction of my condemnation…

The only grounds of my justification…
The ultimate end of my predestination…
The present earnest of my glorification…
And the sure hope of our eternal relation…

All rest on what thou accomplished
By thy death at the crucifixion,
And have continued to secure
Since thy rising at the resurrection.