I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Rachael, since 2005. We have two daughters, Emma-Faith and Ella-Grace, and twin sons, Christian and Christopher.

My biblical admiration loves the “father-son” relationship that shines through Paul and Timothy in the Pastoral Epistles. As I grow older, I am also amazed at the active obedience and sinlessness of Jesus Christ in the Gospels. My theological wonder could be pinpointed where common grace and technology intersect. My technological skills are best applied when I spend time with Apple Computers and Logos Bible Software. My historical interest orbits around Jonathan Edwards, highlighted by two research trips to the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale Divinity School.

For a trivial mind-relieving hobby, I enjoy shining my small collection of tactical flashlights outside, journaling with my fountain pens, or reading about Apple technology. Though something could be said for being a consistent member of the same church since 1994, perhaps one hobby may show my ability to tenaciously commit over the longterm despite unforeseen hardships along the way—I have been a fan of Gamecock football since 1994.