Are There Really No Shortcuts For Learning Greek?

TL;DR → You can download the shortcut here: Tony’s Greek Shortcut

You’ve heard that there are no shortcuts to learning Greek? Well, on this Wednesday night (Thursday morning) at 1:30 am when I should be in bed, I decided to make a shortcut for Greek…

At least if you have an iPhone. The goal was to make something that would transform some of my purposeless scrolling to better uses with a single tap. I started with a Shortcut that I had made. After not being able to figure out some variables, I looked inside some Shortcuts in Apple’s gallery to refine my little applet.

The finished product is a Shortcut that will work on your iPhone (it should also work on iPadOS and macOS). Without any editing on your part, it will work if you have Apple Music active and have the FlashGreek PRO from the App Store.1 You can edit the Shortcut if you would like to change any of the actions (music stream, flashcard app choice, etc.).

When you tap the icon, it will:

  1. Ask how many minutes you would like to study
  2. Start a timer from your input
  3. Turn on Do Not Disturb for that amount of time
  4. Ask if you’d like classical music or soft piano
  5. Set the audio volume to 25%
  6. Open the Greek vocabulary app

You can download the shortcut here: Tony’s Greek Shortcut

Here’s a 59 seconds video to demonstrate: