The Bible & Technology

I’m not ready to post it all yet (I still have to convert footnotes to something that will work for the digital page), but I hope to post soon my most favorite thing I’ve written thus far. It is nowhere as good as what you’d read from Tony Reinke or John Dyer, but I do look forward to sharing here, A Biblical Theology of Technology. Using the heading above, you will soon be able to read the preface, intro, Old Testament, New Testament, Application, and One More Thing.

To get you started, perhaps you can take a look at the preface here.

Hello world!

This is a test for More content forthcoming after saying farewell to almost 2 decades of and starting over from scratch. Archiving the the memories of a young Christian who tried to intersect the Bible and technology by using Transmit to download the old site. It’s a strange feeling to say goodbye to something I put a lot of time in (years ago).